It seems like not so very long ago I got my very first dogs. I suppose I was around age 5.  My parents chose two female Collies for their temperament and they were litter mates. 

As I grew older, we raised German Shepherds and Shelties.  This was of course along with cats, turtles, fish, cattle, horses, and just about every other kind of animal you could think of.  Seemed that they all got along just fine and there weren't any problems.
Living in Colorado most of my life in a country setting gave me an excellent opportunity to have any animal I wanted and as long as I learned how to take care of it.
My wife Debbie has a whole other story to tell about how she was raised with animals but since we have known each other most of our lives, I can tell you almost word for word what she'll say.

Debbie has a very unique way with any animal, whether it be domesticated or wild.  She has had (along with dogs and cats)...opossums, goats, raccoons, horses, chickens, geese, turkeys, and even a de-scented pet skunk... and his name was??? You guessed it...Pepe Le Pew!

I watched her one day sit down in a campground we were in one weekend and all of the wild ducks and geese came up to her like she was their mother.  She had no food to coax them, just a soft tone and an understanding for animals they knew she was not going to hurt them.  I have witnessed this with wild deer and chipmunks also.  She has always loved animals and they have loved her.  Anytime we have been around an animal, they have wiggled into her heart and her into theirs.

Debbie has credentials in Animal Husbandry that she received just after graduating High School.  Shortly after that she was accepted to Davis University but an unfortunate circumstance happened and she was unable to complete her education.  For 25 years she has taught handlers, trained dogs, and has been in the show ring and has received the CGC
Evaluators Certification. 

Debbie has her certification for Pet First Aid and CPR, Working on right now towards her CGC evaluator program and is updating her obedience courses to today's techniques to provide the most up-to-date training for canines and handlers.  

We offer various types of training, depending on the individual circumstance, ranging from Puppy obedience or Puppy Kindergarten up to fully trained adults.  Please call to set up an appointment for our next training class.

Debbie has written several articles which can be read >>Here<< about owning and caring for a Bloodhound.  Take some time to read up on them and their behavior.

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